Customization of a Marunaka Supersurfacer.

Turning one double machine into two seperate ones.


S o a few years after i sold this my customer called me and asked if i wanted to buy this one back and another supersurfacer.


So With this back in the shop I decided to  separate it into two machines. a top cutting and a bottom cutting machine. There is not much of a market for double machines, so two single machines makes more sense.

This of course ended up being a lot more work than i first thought.

I  had another double machine that i had kept for parts, and ended up using quite a few  parts from it by the time i was finished.

I decided the best machine to start with was the top cutting part which is the left side of the machine.

So the plan was to disassemble the machine and modify the base to carry just the top cutting machine, cut and modify the top and build a new infeed table to serve the new machine.

The new infeed table would be made from the the old scrap machines bottom cutting table.

Anyway the photos below are of the making of the top cutting part.

More photos to come when i complete the second machine.

Starting point:  the double machine One of the separated custom machines
 Modifying  the base.
The top was then taken apart and checked then all the components brought o very tight tolerances.

The turntable had about 0.005" tolerance  under the plates which had to be removed with a lot of scraping of the cast head.

 The plates i had  blanchard ground and lapped, then when bolted to the scaped casting they now hold the turntable very snug.


Modifying the top Cap
Making the infeed table from the table from the scrap machine; press out the columns and cut it up, weld it, sandblast prep and paint.