Marunaka Supersurfacers.

Fixed knife finish planers.  Remove a full width full length shaving leaving and incredibly crisp clean surface. No sanding. Quiet, and almost dust-free.

Specification Work width x Height : 250 mm(40º) , 165mm (60º) x 180mm
Feed motor : 2.2 Kw
Head elevation motor : 0.1 Kw
Front knife size : 335 x 66 x 8mm
Net Weight : 430Kgs
Feature SUPER MECA,  Marunaka`s new basic machine !
High rigid and stable machine form promises best surface finishing. The turn-table permits the bias angle to vary 0º ~ 60º according to the material.

Auto-return (once, twice or repeat) or One-way surfacing can be selected by micro-computer. Machine operating status is shown at monitoring lam
Specification Work width x Height : 350 x 240mm
Feed motor : 3.7Kw
Front knife size : 500 x 66 x 9mm
Net Weight : 640Kgs
Feature The ROYAL 14FX, an open side type surfacer, is capable of working wider workpiece up to 350mm. The turntable permits the bias angle to vary from 0º to 60º according to the workpiece.  


Specification Work width x Height : 450 x 240mm
Feed motor : 5.5Kw
Front knife size : 640 x 66 x 9.5mm
Net Weight : 1,140Kgs
Feature To strengthen the workpiece feeding capacity, the ROYAL 18FX has an enlarged body of heavy-duty construction. With the workpiece feed area so expaned, the ROYAL 18FX is capable of cutting a 450mm wide work at the maximum with stability.

Specification Work width x Height : 250 x 180mm
Feed motor : 2.2Kw x 2
Front knife size : 335 x 66 x8mm

Net weight : 1,090Kgs
Feature Top planing and bottom planing performed by one machine. Since two knives, one for rough planing and one for finish planing are set at both of the top and bottom, both sides can be planed with just one workpiece feed. Therefore, planing time can be shortened considerably. It can also be built into a line. Variable bias angle system permits to choose the optimum bias angle to obtain the best finishing for the workpiece according to its hardness and moisture content.

Below is  a video study of the effect of chipbreakers Created by Professor Yasunori Kawai and Honorary Professor Chutaro Kato, Faculty of Education, Art and Science, Yamagata University.