Maka SM7P Mortiser Rebuilt 2020

Photos of the Finished machine.


Photos of the rebuild.

The machine was totally stripped and cleaned, then sorted, parts that were to be sandblasted were masked off and sand blasted, then cleaned, then re-masked for priming and painting. New SKF bearings for the motor, oscillator and pivot arm- linkage, For the feed cylinder new Original brand seals sourced from The Netherlands, new Air line from Germany, New PTFE high temperature line for the oil cylinder,  Original brand John Guest of England tube fittings, Henkel Loctite sealant, Custom- made new shaft bushings. Chip-door hinges special ordered from Hafele in Germany, Replaced missing sliding table stops system, Metal cover plate and various steel parts were hot gun-blued. The stop fence stripped and re-anodized. New shaft made for the fence. Parts lapped and fitted etc….