Past rebuilds

I will be adding a bunch more machines and adding all of the rebuild photos and info, It is a long slow process , please check back occasionally.

Maka SM6P Feed unit Rebuild

Thomas Robinson ET/E joinery saw currently being rebuilt 2021


Maka SM7P Rebuilt 2020


1976 Martin T17 joinery saw, rebuilt 2019

Finished machine photos

Rebuild photos


1980 Maka SM6PII swing chisel mortiser, rebuilt 2019

Finished photos and videos.                                                                                       Rebuild Photos.

1975 Maka RDB multi=head mortiser, rebuilt 2017

Maka STV rebuilt 2016

Super surfacer






Maka Mortiser SM6P-II #6

Finished Machine Photos.                                             Rebuild Photos


Marunaka Supersurfacers